Sandbox solutions from C24

The team at C24 have been successfully delivering business applications and solutions from the cloud for many years.
Throughout this time, as with all forms of new technology, initially we were faced with resistance, questioning and caution around delivering applications in this way.
In order to address the concerns, C24 created areas for testing. These areas, commonly known as Sandboxes allowed clients to not only test the Cloud delivery model, but also to test the application before it is implemented. This service is now widely used on new deployments, and has numerous benefits for the end user and also the software provider alike, which include:-

End User

  • There are no large initial upfront costs, and on-going costs are insignificant in comparison to purchasing equipment and spending time internally to configure it. This is particular important as and it is estimated that approximately 50% to 70% of the onsite technology infrastructure earmarked for testing is underutilised.
  • It provides the opportunity to either take the first steps into Cloud computing or to sample the suppliers service levels before a long term commitment is made.
  • The application can be available very quickly, thus allowing a longer period of time to sample the service and test and mould the application to ensure it provides the maximum benefits to a client’s organisation.

Software Provider

  • A testing environment is provided quickly in a cost efficient manner with minimum distribution to day to day activities.
  • The service is able to deployed quickly and changes can be made simply to meet on going and changing requirements.
  • It act’s as an assistance to sales as Customer are able to sample the application quickly and the sales cycle isn’t extended while additional infrastructure is justified, procured and configured to allow a test to be carried out.

In addition to the above:-

  • A Monthly payment model and contract period is available
  • Standardised environments are used to deploy the systems
  • Solutions run on the latest technology

C24 and clients alike have found this solution to be beneficial due to the factors listed above but also due to the fact that studies estimate that 30% of defects and poor deployments are attributed to inaccurate configuration of test environments, so highlighting the need for a simple and quickly available solution, which will then allow the focus to remain on the key testing areas.
C24 have extensive experience of operating such models and have taken countless SME’s from a cap-ex to an op-ex model allowing them to benefit from cost reductions and plugging them into a pool of resource that is usually not available to them from existing staff. We have also worked with numerous software developers that are testing their applications to see if they are cloud ready.

Finally C24 take the following areas very seriously:

Adherence to standards: We endeavour to work to the current best of breed standards including Prince 2
Security in the cloud: As a managed service provider that provides applications to some of the world’s largest IT companies we are totally aware of the security concerns around cloud based solutions. And we address them in a number of ways, which we discuss upon engagement.

SLA’s: We offer full SLA’s based around our sandbox solutions and takes into account numerous areas that are discussed at length during initial engagement.

Infrastructure: We operate out of a tier IV datacentre one of the best in the country and have invested significantly in the latest, physical, virtual, connectivity and storage.

Planning: We deliver a full plan that will enable you to fully understand what is involved in your environment and how this is affecting your solution.

Moving the testing to the cloud is viewed as a strategic initiative and the C24 sandbox solution gives you the confidence to create proof of concepts or to enable you as an organisation to understand fully the benefits of cloud solutions. This is delivered by an organisations that has decades of experience delivering such solutions.

C24 will establish the success criteria for pilots and testing with specific objectives in mind we work around you to give you total confidence of our solutions.


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