Digital Classrooms Sooner Than Later

Students in elementary school now will most likely graduate high school in a world where digital content has, by and large, completely replaced print content, said Doug Levin, CEO of the State Educational Technology Director’s Association, in a TV interview airing this week. Video below:

In the five-minute segment on CNN Headline News, which will air twice daily through Sunday as part of the Comcast Newsmakers series, Levin says a combination of the shift to common standards, increased prevalence of open content, and stubbornly high cost of print textbooks will lead to digital resources becoming more affordable than their print counterparts.

That in turn will read to a rapid transformation Levin said educators need to accept rather than resist.

“If you’re a parent or an educator, No. 1, don’t romanticize the books,” Levin said. “Don’t get me wrong. I was an English major—I love books. But there’s a lot of things you can do to move this forward.”


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