C24 start 2012 like they ended 2011…………January 2012

C24 have started 2012 by re-signing one of their leading hosted managed service clients for another 3 years and also by winning a major UK wide wireless installation and management deal. The wireless solution is to be installed in 121 locations across the UK over the next ¼, using Cisco wireless technology. Paul Hemming MD C24 said “I am extremely pleased with the start to 2012, re-signing the hosted managed service client for another 3 years and the winning of a UK wide wireless solution are both indicative of our approach to business”. This approach has seen C24 add sizeable pieces of hosting and managed service clients; a number with worldwide footprints, over the last two years.

“The wireless project is a significant piece of work and highlights the strength in-depth of resource we have at C24, the team are looking forward to a successful deployment. Everyone at C24 are very passionate about what we do, as a team we have a determination to drive the business forward to even greater success.” commented Hemming


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