Mobile technology in retail

Interesting study on how in-store assistive sales technology affects the shopping experience:

The latest installment of the Motorola Solutions, Inc. annual Holiday Shopping Survey highlights that three in four 75 percent surveyed retail associates and managers feel they provide a better in-store customer experience when equipped with the latest mobile technologies. In fact, shoppers echoed a similar sentiment as more than two-thirds 67 percent of surveyed shoppers reported heightened satisfaction with retailers where in-store associates utilized the latest technologies to assist in the shopping experience.

The rising availability of shopping-assisted options across all shopping channels has raised customer service expectations for shoppers and retail associates. According to the survey, more than eight in ten 83.3 percent surveyed retail associates and managers believe that shoppers can easily find a better deal so customer service is more important than ever. From a shopper perspective, 33 percent of shopping trips ended with shoppers leaving before satisfying their intent to purchase, costing an average of $125 per trip. Of those lost opportunities, more than 73 percent did not complete their purchases with the original retailer.

The study goes on to compare the online experience vs. the offline, in-store experience:

While shopper activity and spend remains higher in-store than online, retailers need to continue to address the needs of the omni-channel shopper. Online purchases swelled by more than 18 percent compared to 2010 and 63 percent of surveyed shoppers with smartphones downloaded some type of shopping application.

Increasing online spend has created variances in satisfaction between offline and online experiences – almost 41 percent of shoppers were not satisfied with the ability to receive in-stock status in-store compared to 20 percent online. Approximately 27 percent of shoppers were not satisfied with the ease of finding correct prices in-store versus approximately 14 percent online; and 42 percent of shoppers were not satisfied with the check-out process in-store compared to 15 percent online. Online shoppers cited a much higher dissatisfaction rate 41 percent compared to 25 percent for the return/exchange process, providing a significant advantage for in-store retailers.

via 75 Percent Of Retail Associates Report Latest Mobile Technology Leads To Better Customer Experience, According To Motorola Solutions Survey – TheStreet.


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