Scandinavian Airlines: QR Code Video Offers

Couple Up to Buckle Up from Tobias Carlson on Vimeo.

Just about every other week I get asked about QR codes, you probably do too… Most people will ummm and arrr about their uptake and effectiveness, but it’s only because they don’t think about the post-scan experience properly, and typically fail to get creative enough to get results.

Well, not Scandinavian Airlines, who recently launched the “Couple Up to Buckle Up” 2 for 1 campaign that used two unique QR codes across every touch point (emails, facebook app, banners, print ads .etc), leveraging an insight into how couples most commonly book trips.

Couples would each scan the QR code assigned to them, which would sync their half of a video based offer (if they user is smart enough to scan/play at the same time) and reveal the discount code split across both screens . Now that’s cool. Created by CP+B.

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