Connected kids

At C24 we work a lot within education. We spotted this excert below that we thought really highlighted how connected todays kids are. It is

I pulled some data from a presentation from the K5 Learning Blog. Kids today are amazingly connected, but less involved in the physical world:

  1. More US kids aged 2-5 can play a computer game than ride a bike.
  2. 19% of kids aged 2-5 know how to play a smartphone app; 9% know how to tie their shoelaces.
  3. More kids aged 2-5 can open a browser than swim unaided.
  4. Kids aged 0-8 spend an average of 1 hour 44 minutes watching TV or video daily, 29 minutes reading, 29 minutes listening to music, 25 minutes playing computer or video games, and 5 minutes using new mobile devices.
  5. Kids aged 8-18 spend 7 hours 38 minutes using entertainment media daily: more than 53 hours per week. That’s an hour more than 2004 (6 hours 30 minutes). Because they multitask [non-rivalrous media] they pack 10 hours 45 minutes into those 7 hours and 38 minutes.
  6. 65% of kids aged 0-8 watch TV at least once per day. That’s 37% of kids aged 0-1, 73% of kids aged 2-4, and 72% of kids aged 5-8.
  7. Kids under 2 spend twice as much time watching TV and videos than being read to (1 hour 54 minutes versus 53 minutes per day).
  8. For kids aged 8-18, live TV consumption declined by 25 minutes from 2004 to 2009, but total TV consumption went up thanks to the Internet, cell phones, and iPods. 59% (2 hours 39 minutes) consisted of watching live TV, and 41% (1 hour 50 minutes) consisted of time-shifted TV, DVDs, online, or mobile.
  9. 53% of kids aged 2-4 have used a computer, 90% of kids aged 5-8 have.
  10. 25% of kids are going online daily by age 3, 50% by age 5.
  11. Cell ownership among kids 8-18 rose from 39% in 2004 to 65% in 2009.
  12. 7-12th graders spend an average 1 hour 35 minutes per day sending and receiving texts.
  13. 51% of kids aged 0-8 have played a console game, 81% of kids aged 5-8. 17% of kids aged 5-8 play console games at least once a day, 36% play then at least once per week.
  14. 27% of kids aged 2-5 screen time is used with new digital devices.
  15. 29% of parents have downloaded apps for their kids aged 2-5 to use.
  16. iPod ownership for kids aged 8-18 rose from 18% in 2004 to 76% in 2009.
  17. 23% of kids aged 0-8 watch educational TV shows, 8% use educational programs on the computer, 7% play education games on new mobile devices.

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