True genius…great idea for brand awareness and positioning

Spotted this little gem, what they have done with a pencil is genius. The way that this simple idea positioned and created awareness for the magazine was fantastically executed, something for us all to learn from……..



Coca Cola really knows how to do happiness

In times that are hard one company really puts things in perspective : Coca Cola

Our changing highstreet infographic

We spotted this cool infographic about the changing face of the UK high street. As you all know C24 has a considerable footprint in UK retail so information like this is always interesting.

Would like to thank the guys over at they have done some amazing work

Our Changing High Street (Infographic)

C24 the company you can depend on.

Over the last 24 months C24 has only ‘lost’ one client and that was due to them going into administration. Everybody knows that the last 18 months and potentially the next have been the worst trading conditions we have seen in decades. However C24 have grown from strength to strength in terms of revenue, profit, customer acquisition and customer retention.

And you may ask the reason?

Well as an organisation we have built on a number of strengths but the main one is that we are dependable. One client stated “we are buying peace of mind. I could give it to someone cheaper, and then either manage it myself or have to worry they might fail. I can trust C24 to take care of it and I can then focus on what matters most to my business.”  This is just one client but you could ask anyone of one of our clients and we believe that they would say the same.

Dependability is sadly lacking in service industries and especially in ours, however it is not just a one way street. We have to make sure that our employees are dependable and as important our suppliers, it only takes a few issues and all of a sudden we could have a problem.  

We always attempt to do what we have promised, however life is hard and we have to work in situations that sometimes are very taxing, so we always look to face any issues head on and tell our clients at any stage if we believe there are going to be problems, which thankfully is relatively rare.

There are other areas within a business that are important, creativity, knowledge, pricing etc but we believe that the success of C24 is a combination of these plus dependability because without this we would be having to replace lost clients continuously.

Brilliant new idea for SMS

We spotted this idea, looks really good and a new innovative use of the old favourite SMS.




NUads from Microsoft

C24 have showcased numerous times how businesses around the globe are using the Kinect product from Microsoft. Well in the Spring of 2012 Microsoft will be releasing NUads which will allow Xbox users to engage with advertising using their Kinect accessory’s voice and gesture features—tweeting the video content, finding a retail location via Bing maps, providing product feedback, participating in polls or having coupons mailed.

The video below demonstrates the potential of this solution and the question will be how long before Microsoft licenses this technology so that the solution comes ‘on board’ with all major TV manaufacturers.

E-Discovery in Cloud Computing – Are We Ready? No.

When we talk to lawyers or their clients about their readiness for e-discovery in the cloud, we get (most of the time) a deer in the headlights reaction. Most of our clients are small to mid-sized, so it may be there is more readiness amongst large corporations and law firms.

I was interested to see a tweet from our friend Rob Robinson this morning, citing an unscientific survey done by Clearwell Systems in conjunction with Enterprise Strategy Group on this subject. Our own conclusions are equally unscientific, but they parallel what Clearwell and ESG found. Some of the highlights:

•Only 25% thought themselves ready for e-discovery in the cloud
•30% reported cloud applications in-scope for e-disovery in 2010
•60% anticipated the discovery of cloud-based applications in 2011
•27% considered social media in-scope for e-discovery in 2010
•59% considered social media in-scope for 2011
You can read more about the survey here.

It has been our observation that while businesses rush to put data in the cloud, they give very little thought to getting it back out. At a minimum, you would think that they would carefully consider the terms and conditions of their contracts with cloud providers. Our experience has been that they know the term of the contract and the price, but little else – and they almost never consider the need to get the data back. Cloud providers tend not to make it easy to get your own data – and sometimes there is a price tag attached.

Please see full article link below. Thank you

To view full article visit:


The growth of ‘F-commerce’. The history of Facebook commerce.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Social commerce is an area which is estimated to grow to $30 billion by 2015. Obviously a market that is worth looking at; the dominant player ? Our old friend Facebook according to the latest stats Facebook users hit 750 million in July 2011 dispelling the rumours that Facebook was potentially running out of steam.

As mentioned several times on this blog we believe that it is essential that traditional retail get a foothold in this area or risk losing further ground to their online cousins and new market entrants who adopt new business models and steal market share very quickly. The infographic below highlights key milestones for Facebook but also some other interesting facts. enjoy……..

By the way there is also some really interesting data from JWT highlights are listed below:

JWT’s trend reports are the result of quantitative, qualitative and desk research conducted by JWTIntelligence throughout the year. Specifically for this report, JWTIntelligence interviewed experts and influencers in research, technology and business, and conducted a quantitative study in the U.S. and the U.K. The survey used SONAR™, JWT’s proprietary online research tool, to poll 971 adults aged 20-plus from May 20–June 1, 2011.

Findings from the survey include:

    • The Millennial Generation is most interested in F-Commerce: More than four in 10 Millennials (aged 20-33) in the U.S. and the U.K. said they wish there were more opportunities to shop within Facebook, versus 26% of Gen Xers (aged 34-46) and 16% of Boomers (47-66). Nearly half agreed that they spend so much time on Facebook already, they might as well shop there too, compared to a quarter of Gen Xers and 14% of Boomers. Similarly, 48% said they wish the places where they shop had a page where customers could buy products/services directly on Facebook (27% of Gen Xers and 19% of Boomers said the same)
  • Privacy concerns are a big hurdle for F-Commerce: Nearly eight in 10 of American and British adults said they worry about the privacy implications of shopping directly on Facebook. Three-quarters said they “don’t think Facebook is secure enough to make purchases on,” and nearly that many said they “wouldn’t use a shopping application on Facebook because of concerns that it could compromise my privacy—e.g., shared with third parties.” Interestingly, while the Millennials have an appetite for F-commerce, they’re the ones most concerned about privacy.
  • Overlaying the social graph helps people make decisions more quickly: When asked about websites that offer personalized recommendations based on one’s Facebook profile, 46% of American and British adults felt that “there is too much information out there, so I think this is helpful”; Millennials were most likely to say this (59%), followed by Gen Xers (49%) and Boomers (31%). More than one-third said personalization of this nature helps them make decisions more quickly; again, Millennials (51%) were more likely to say this than Gen Xers (36%) or Boomers (21%).


What do you love? New from Google?

Just spotted this and felt that it is worth looking at. The idea is fantastic try to see what you get.

If you want to check it out please visit:


The growth of mobile payment infographic. NFC, Google Wallet and the rest……

We have mentioned several times the fact that mobile phones will be playing an ever-increasing importance when it comes to the way that we pay for goods and services. The infographic below highlights what appears to be 4 of the main contenders and the type of technologies they are using.

All we can say is that the market is going to be significant, with equipment sales hitting $75 billion by 2013 with in 1 in 5 phones using NFC and by 2015 the value of goods transacted will be around $670 billion.

For those of you in retail and software development this is certainly a gravy train that you need to be riding.

Thanks to: thenextweb: How mobile phones are becoming the new credit card [Infographic]